Oncology Massage

Healing Touch for Cancer Patients

Oncology Massage

Oncology Massage

Aruna had the privilege to work with cancer patients in Bethesda North Hospital for a few years.

Oncology massage

Information gathered from research studies indicate that massage is incorporated into the conventional care of cancer patients as a therapy to help reduce their anxiety and stress and promote relaxation response and reduce pain.

Individuals going through chemotherapy treatments or individuals diagnosed with cancer present with signs and symptoms of loneliness, depression and isolation. They might feel as though the only time they receive human contact is when examined by the physician.

The Cancer Patient:

As a massage therapist, when I am working with a cancer patient, I provide service with slow, gentle and mindful hands with the intention to bring relaxation and well-being. A compassionate touch will make the individual going through cancer feel nurtured, loved and reconnected with themselves. Massage helps the patients physically and emotionally.

The oncology massage is not a typical deep tissue massage. The therapist undergoes special training in order to serve those individuals whose immune system is compromised. 

The oncology massage promotes relaxation response and reduces stress, anxiety, insomnia, pain, fatigue and psychological distress. The massage helps boost immune system, restores energy and soothes the depression.

Cancer Survivor When an individual is diagnosed with cancer, a life threatening illness, they feel kind of disconnected from their body, mind and spirit. When a massage therapist provides oncology massage with compassion, which helps the cancer patient reconnected with their body, mind and spirit and feel less isolated. 

When I had an opportunity to learn Healing Touch and serve Bethesda North Hospital patients as a volunteer, that experience helped me significantly. 

Then when I was asked to provide hand massage to oncology patients at the hospital, that experience helped me build relationships with the nurses and physicians. People who are diagnosed with cancer are poked, prodded, injected, and burnt by radiation. So when I go in to their rooms to provide a gentle, compassionate massage, the patients appreciate the compassionate touch and gets them reconnected to their body, mind and spirit. That experience gave me so much satisfaction that I have a made a tiny difference in their life in a positive manner. I feel blessed to be in this profession serving these individuals. 

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