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Have you observed a coworker or your family member working at the computer desk all hunched over for hours because they are working hard to successfully complete the project before the software release/project release date? 

Some of those individual(s) who are working with the computers haven’t had an opportunity to relax their tight shoulder muscles or lower back muscles as they have been in that posture for extended hours(sometimes even without taking a bathroom break or get up in order to take a sip of water).

Seated/chair massage is less intimidating and lowers the perception of stress for the recipient as that individual is completely clothed and opens doors to lot of people to introduce them to what massage can feel like. The experience makes them understand how receiving chair massage relaxes the tight, shortened muscles by bringing oxygen back into those muscles and promote a sense of well-being which in turn makes that individual more productive at work after chair massage. It increases the flow of vital energy and alleviate the problems like Carpal Tunnel.

So now you may think, Is chair massage only for individuals working at the computer or administrative personnel? Seated position is often the most convenient way to access client’s shoulders and back as they are already seated in a recliner or chair. In a medical/hospital setting, the client is seated on a wheel chair or the individual has acute low back pain and cannot comfortably lie horizontal. For those individuals with special needs, I will be able to provide a chair massage for relaxation or clinical massage without inconveniencing them. 

As an experienced therapist, I listen to your specific concerns, understand and safely use pressure to specific acupressure points for your well-being and comfort to provide relief to those areas that need attention. 

When I use my thumbs to walk along the spine on your back, it stimulates and balances the governing meridians, loosens your back muscles, balances the energy and increases blood flow to organs.

Is chair massage good for Golfing events, Baseball teams, Volleyball tournaments, and other Pro-sports events?

Yes, they all utilize chair massage for addressing shoulder and low back muscles that are over worked playing that sport.

Therapist’s goal is to prevent injuries from occurring by addressing the muscles that are stressed or overworked. This helps reduce the worker’s compensation claims, lower the absenteeism, improve the employee morale and help them reach their goals. Regularly scheduled Onsite chair massages (once a month or once every quarter) are beneficial for the employees and a profitable investment for the employers or business owners and athletic organizations.
When cosmetologists, estheticians, hair stylists have a beauty show coming to town, or bridal show is in town, people who attend the shows complain of low back pain and fore arm aches due to walking on concrete floors carrying heavy bags in their hands. A Chair massage therapist can address those tight muscles and provide relief.

Massage schools seldom give adequate training in chair massage techniques. To perform clinical massage utilizing a massage chair, the therapist requires more training, a good understanding of anatomy and the injuries that might occur, than what is required to perform a relaxation massage. 

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