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After a work day, do you ever feel tension in between your shoulder blades from sitting hunched over all day? If you do, you probably wish you could have a massage at that very moment. However, sometimes it isn’t feasible to pay for a massage at multiple points in a week. That’s where mini massages come into play. These types of massages tend to be quicker than massages you’d get a massage therapist’s office, they will do the trick until you can see your massage therapist. Follow these quick massage tips to feel better in between appointments.

Easy Headache Massage

Do you often get headaches? You probably know lots of headache cures to help you feel better if that’s the case. Sometimes, a massage may help decrease your headache symptoms. For this massage, you just need your hands.

This massage is similar to the scalp massage you get when you cut your hair at a salon. To start, draw circles with your fingers at your temple. Gradually move your fingers up while continuing the circular motion. As you move closer to your scalp, increase the size of the circles and pressure you press on your face.

Easy Neck Massage

Many people experience neck pain for a variety of reasons. For most people, they experience neck pain because of how they sit during the work day. To ease that uncomfortableness, you just need your hands.

To start, press your fingers against the spot where your neck and shoulders meet. Next, apply pressure in that spot. The pressure helps relax the muscles in the area. Then, you’ll want to roll your shoulders backwards and forwards to relax them as well. Finally, repeat both steps a few times to make sure your neck muscles are completely relaxed.

Easy Shoulder Massage

Typically, if your neck hurts, there’s a chance your shoulders also hurt. If that’s the case, we have an easy shoulder massage for you that you don’t need fancy equipment to do.

First, put your right hand over your right shoulder. Squeeze the shoulder three times and roll your fingers from the shoulder to the base of your neck. Remember to do the same for your left shoulder using your left hand. Depending on how sore your shoulders are, you may need to complete the massage a couple of times.

Easy Hand Massage

Your hands also need attention, especially with constant typing and texting. To start, hold one of your hands with the other like you’re taking a pulse. Apply small amounts of pressure as you move up your hand and wrist. Pay attention to each finger and the palm of your hand for maximum relaxation. And remember once you’ve done one hand, do the same for the other hand.

These quick massage tips will help you feel better between appointments. If you’re looking for a way to help relax overall, turn to Therapeutic Medical Massage. In addition to offering massages designed to help certain ailments, we also offer relaxation massages. Contact Aruna now to schedule your appointment.


Sometimes, a massage isn’t needed because you’re injured or looking for pain relief. You might want to find a healthy way to relax. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we offer massages geared towards relaxation and pain relief or management. Two of the more popular relaxation massages offered are Swedish massage and a deep tissue massage. You may wonder what the difference between the two are. Despite both Swedish massage and deep tissue massage aiding in relaxation, they both have different techniques to help.

What is a Swedish Massage?

If you go to a massage clinic and ask for a massage, typically, you’ll get a Swedish massage. Swedish massages are one of the most common form of massages. The goal of a Swedish massage is to help you relax. With this type of massage, Aruna will use different techniques to help you achieve optimal relaxation. Some of the techniques include strokes, kneading, or tapping the skin. If you have an area you’d rather focus on, your pre-appointment meeting is the time to bring it up.

What is a Deep Tissue Massage?

A deep tissue massage is typically more intensive than a Swedish massage. While this type of massage may be used for relaxation, deep tissue massages also help with pain relief. Unlike a Swedish massage, the touches of a deep tissue massage typically have more pressure. This is to help penetrate deep in your body’s tissues to provide some kind of pain relief. While more pressure is involved, you shouldn’t experience pain or soreness after your appointment. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, Aruna may use bamboo to aid in your deep tissue massage. In fact, she’s one of the few that combines a bamboo fusion massage with a deep tissue massage.

Can The Two Overlap?

Depending on what’s happening with your body and your current pain management, both types of massages can overlap in an appointment. Let’s say you have a sore neck from hunching over a computer all day. If you let Aruna know prior to the start of your appointment, she may focus harder in that area to help you feel better with a deep tissue massage while using Swedish massage techniques on other parts of your body.

When is One Better Than The Other?

Like many things in life, different massages are more beneficial at certain stages. For instance, if you’re just looking to relax, a Swedish massage is more ideal. Because you just want to relax, the soft touches and strokes of a Swedish massage will help with that. However, if you have more specified areas of pain but still want a massage to help with relaxation, a deep tissue massage may work better for you.

When it comes to your massage, you want to be upfront during your appointment. Be sure to discuss anything relevant with Aruna before your massage starts. That way, there’s no confusion during your appointment. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, the goal is for you to get better in a natural setting. Whether you’re looking for pain relief from a sports injury or a way to relax after a stressful workday, Therapeutic Medical Massage is here to help. Call the office to schedule your massage now.

Do you often find you have lots of pain during the day? Certain types of activity and behavior may trigger different kinds of pain in your body. If you’re looking for a natural way to temporarily stop pain, different kinds of massage may help. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we offer deep tissue massages, which target painful areas and works. One of the ways we do that is through deep tissue massage. A deep tissues massage is typically more intensive than a Swedish massage, but still aims to relax you while loosening any tightness you experience.

What is a Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is type of massage designed to give you some kind of temporary pain relief from whatever you’re feeling. The pain may come from a chronic condition, or may be something more temporary, like pain from the way you sit throughout the work day.

During a deep tissue massage, your massage therapist will use different strokes with differing intensities to relieve any type of tension in your muscles. During your pre-massage conversation, let Aruna know of any sore spots you currently have. Those areas are where she’ll focus most of the massage. While the massage is more intense than other types of massage, you shouldn’t notice any pain or soreness following the massage.

What It Helps With

Deep tissue massages help with a variety of different ailments. Because the touches and strokes are more intense, they work to alleviate any tension or soreness you feel deep in your muscles. So, if you have recurring muscles problems stemming from fibromyalgia, a deep tissue massage may help. Also, because the massage helps open up the blood vessels, it’s a great temporary relief from high blood pressure. Additionally, any sports injuries, sciatica pain, or tennis elbow may be helped through deep tissue massage. Remember, be upfront during your pre-appointment conversation with Aruna so she can target specific areas of your body for pain relief.

How It Differs

If you want a more relaxing massage that doesn’t serve many other purposes, you’ll want to choose a Swedish massage. This type of massage uses gentle strokes to aid in relaxation. It won’t do much to break up any tension you feel deep in your muscles and body tissue that stems from specific causes. Overall, if you want a massage that gives you a little more relief from pain instead of a massage that provides relaxation, choose a deep tissue massage instead of a Swedish massage. During the pre-massage conversation, Aruna will determine the best type of massage for you.

If you want to take a massage a step further to help in pain relief, turn to a deep tissues massage. While Aruna applies more pressure to the spot that causes you pain or tension, it won't be a massage that hurts for days after. If you’re looking for a little extra something in your massage, consider a deep tissue massage. Ask Aruna about a deep tissue massage next time you’re in the office. Contact Therapeutic Medical Massage now.

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