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Do you ever feel rundown but can't exactly pinpoint the reason why? Or have you realized your body feels differently when you’re happy versus when you’re tired or drained? In general, humans have certain vibrational energies that work at different frequencies. A lower energy frequency leads to a heavier feeling with less clarity compared to when you feel recharged. If you’re worried about your energy levels, turn to Therapeutic Medical Massage. We now offer sound healing meditation, which aims to counteract the negative energies you may feel at any given moment.

How Better Energy Helps You

Having better energy helps in your life immensely. If you consistently feel down or not yourself, it’s a sign you need your energy taken care of. When you have better energy, you feel more like yourself. When your energy vibrates at a higher frequency, you feel lighter and more energetic. On a physical level, you feel more excited and ready to conquer what’s in front of you. Through sound healing, it’s one of the easy ways to help you re-center yourself and focus your vibrational energy on what’s important.

Easy Ways to Meditate

Meditation is a key way in helping re-center your energies. One of the best things about meditation is that there’s no right or wrong way to do it. As long as you’re using it to focus on something and block out external forces, it’s a great way to relax and re-energize yourself.

Again, meditation means different things to different people. For some, they may meditate better when they reflect on what’s happening in life. Others meditate through journaling. When you first start, it’s going to take a while to find what works best for you. Take the time to find what works for you and adapt it into your life.

Why Use Tuning Forks?

Tuning forks are a special piece of equipment we can use during sound healing. The tuning forks are struck by an object and create a deep, rich vibration designed to heal your energies and help them get back to normal. The sound the tuning forks make helps to increase your energy flow by removing any barriers you may have. Additionally, they increase blood flow and work to keep you relaxed. Different types of tuning forks work in different ways, so be honest about how you feel in that moment to get the right therapy for you.

Can It Combine With Massage?

Massages aim to relax you while opening up different pathways in the body. The same can be said for sound healing meditation. Some people choose to incorporate both into their sessions in order to have maximum healing.

Sometimes, a simple energy reset is all you need to feel more like yourself. With sound healing meditation at Therapeutic Medical Massage, you can take steps to balance your natural energy out again. If you’ve wondered about natural ways to re-center your energy, sound healing meditation is the way to go. Contact Therapeutic Medical Massage for your sound healing meditation session now.

People experience pain different and in different places. That’s why your massage shouldn’t be the same as the person whose appointment is before or after yours. Because of that, your massage should be personalized to what you feel before the appointment. Typically, the type of pain or soreness you experience factors into the type of massage you receive. During your pre-appointment with Aruna, the two of you will discuss anything pertinent to the appointment. At this time, Aruna is deciding the best type of massage for you. The right type of massage entirely depends on the symptoms you describe, so it’s important to be honest about everything you feel at that moment.


Headaches plague people for different reasons. Unfortunately for headache sufferers, there’s not a lot that can be done to reduce headache symptoms. However, massage may help. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, trigger point massages and deep tissue massages may reduce the headache symptoms you feel. Also, you can apply a little pressure near the spot where your head hurts and rub a little to help.

Back Pain

Your back goes through a lot in a day. That’s why so many Americans experience back pain. While back pain is a nuisance in every day life, a massage may help. A deep tissue massage may help loosen up your muscles, reducing the amount of pain you feel. A Swedish massage may also help, especially if hot stones are used in conjunction with the massage.

Shoulder Pain

If you don’t experience back pain, there’s a good chance you may experience shoulder pain. Just like back pain, shoulder pain happens for a variety of reasons. Incorporating a shoulder massage into your life may help you feel better in the moment while also increasing pain and flexibility in the long run.

Post-Operative Pain

Depending on the type of procedure you have, you may be able to incorporate massage into your healing plan. However, post-operative massage should only be done when a doctor says it’s okay. If you get a post-operative massage before you’re ready, you may hurt yourself more.


At Therapeutic Medical Massage, Aruna offers a special massage for pregnant women, those trying to get pregnant, and those who recently had a baby. To ease any discomforts you may feel, a pregnancy massage may help. Also, this is when it’s very important to be upfront and honest during your pre-massage appointment so Aruna can address any discomforts you feel.


Finding out you have cancer can be scary. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, Aruna has a special type of massage specifically for cancer patients. During an oncology massage, she’ll use gentle touches. These massages ultimately relax you while helping you reconnect.

Having a massage is a relaxing experience, but it also helps in easing any pain or soreness you feel. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, Aruna uses massage techniques to help get you back to normal. If you feel exhausted by other types of therapies you’ve tried, turn to massage. Aruna is a licensed massage therapist in the state of Ohio who specializes in many different types of massage. If you’re interested in medical massage, contact Aruna now.

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Sometimes, even to the most careful people, accidents happen. If something happens to you that required surgery, you may have a long road of recovery ahead. Depending on the type of surgery, a massage may help in your recovery. Or, if you or someone close to you is an athlete and they get injured, they may think they can’t compete anymore. However, with Therapeutic Medical Massage’s sports and rehab massage, you can get a complementary massage service to any prescribed physical therapy ordered by your doctor.

Sports Massage

Even if you haven’t received an injury from a sporting event, you may benefit from a sports massage. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, Aruna performs two different types of sports massages: a pre-sports massage and a post-sports massage. These massages work great for athletes, even if they haven’t had an injury before.

A pre-sports massage happens before a sporting event takes place. During this type of massage, Aruna uses quick touches to wake up the muscles. This helps them activate for a better performance during the event.

A post-sports massage happens after a sporting event. Unlike a pre-sport massage’s quick strokes to wake up the muscles, this type of massage uses slower strokes to aid in recovery.

Kinesiology Tape

At Therapeutic Medical Massage, Aruna has the ability to use K-tape on people. K-tape helps hold muscles in place to reduce the amount of discomfort you feel while helping to correct future muscle issues. RockTape, the kind that Aruna uses, can stay on the body for up to seven days. K-tape helps with a variety of muscle problems, including rotator cuff injuries, shin splints, and injuries resulting from sports injuries and other types of injuries.

Rehab Massage

Meanwhile, a rehab massage may help you if you were injured from other sources than athletics. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, Aruna helps people who have recently had surgery so long as it’s approved by their doctor. Many different types of injuries can be treated with the help of a rehab massage when combined with traditional therapies. Remember, always follow what your doctor says regarding therapies done in conjunction with what they prescribe. Doing too much may cause further injury.

Benefits of a Rehab Massage

One of the benefits of a rehab massage is increased circulation. When your body has poor circulation, it’s harder for blood and oxygen to reach certain areas of your body. But, during a massage, your body’s circulation naturally increases, allowing blood and oxygen to reach those places again.

Another benefit is a shortened recovery time. No one likes to sit around while they try to recover, especially people who live an active lifestyle. When allowed by your doctor, a rehab massage may reduce your recovery time, helping you get back to normal faster.

When it comes to your healing, you want it done right. By following all of your doctor’s orders, you help to do that. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we work in conjunction with any physical therapy you have to rehabilitate yourself. Whether you’re looking for a sports massage or a specific type of rehab massage, Aruna can help. For more information, give us a call now.