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Therapeutic Medical Massage

People get massages for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they just want to relax and forget about things. Other times, it’s for a specific reason, like pain relief or for a sporting event. Regardless of the reason, Therapeutic Medical Massage can help. Aruna specializes in many different types of massage designed to ultimately help you feel better. Not sure about the right massage for you? Let us help you!

Relaxation Massage

If you’re looking to reduce your stress levels and relax, a relaxation massage is for you. Whether it’s a Swedish massage or a massage that utilizes bamboo or essential oils, these massage and additional tools used to supplement the massage experience will help you feel relaxed and decrease your stress levels.

Pain Relief Massage

Pain is a part of life, but you don’t have to live with it. If you need some kind of pain relief and your doctor says it’s okay, massage can help. Massage opens up different pathways in your body and makes a great addition to your pain relief routine. Some of the different massage types Aruna may use includes deep tissue massage, spinal reflex therapy, or precision neuromuscular therapy.

Sports and Rehab Massage

A sports injury can be devasting to you or your child, especially if you like to compete. Aruna can use pre-sports and post-sports massages to help give your muscles an additional stretch before competing and a cool down for when the event is over. Additionally, Aruna can use k-tape to ease any discomfort you may feel from an injury and prevent any repeat injuries. Sometimes, we may add cupping therapy to these massages.

Pregnancy Massage

Are you pregnant and looking for some kind of relief. Some massage types are not recommended for pregnant women. In that case, you’ll want a pregnancy massage, which is designed with pregnant women in mind. This massage helps relax soon-to-be mothers while also reducing any pains they may experience.

Lymphatic Massage

Does your lymphatic system need a reset? Certain activities, like having surgery, may back up your lymphatic system. This massage stimulates the lymphatic system to drain out excess in your body, leaving you feeling better.

Oncology Massage

Similarly to the pregnancy massage, an oncology massage is for patients with cancer. If you have cancer, there’s certain types of massage you shouldn’t have. Instead, the oncology massage is designed to give a healing touch to people with cancer while helping them reconnect with their spirit.

Chair Massage

Finally, we offer a chair massage. This type of massage uses a special chair and targets neck, back, and shoulder pain.

With the different massages offered at Therapeutic Medical Massage, there’s truly something for everyone here. The right massage for you starts with a phone call to set up an appointment. Aruna enjoys getting to know her massage clients and getting them on the right path to ultimate healing. If you’re interested in learning more about massage and what the right massage for you is, contact Therapeutic Medical Massage now.

Many people choose to have a massage every so often as some kind of self-care. For others, they may consider massage as a special treat and have it when they go on vacation or some other kind of special occasion. Still, there’s some people who have a massage on a regular basis because it helps with some kind of ailment or affliction they have. People turn to medical massage for different reasons, but in all comes down to one commonality: wanting to experience relief. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we understand all of the reasons you may choose to have a massage. If you’re looking for reasons to have a medical massage, we’ve compiled some of the most common ones for you.

Anxiety Relief

Are you feeling anxious and need a way to relax? A medical massage can help. After a massage, you feel relaxed. This is because massages help to open up different pathways in your body. It’s also because massages reduce the amount of cortisol in your body. Cortisol is typically referred to as the stress hormone. When you have less cortisol in your body, you start to feel relaxed and your anxiety symptoms may not be as noticeable. To increase the relaxing feelings, try to keep your mind clear during the massage.

Improved Flexibility

Are you trying to improve your overall flexibility? Whether you want an increase in your flexibility for a sporting event or some other reason, a medical massage may help. As mentioned above, a massage helps open up different pathways in your body. Also, it helps to stretch your muscles. When your muscles stretch, it helps increase your flexibility. The more often you stretch or receive a massage, the more flexible you’ll be. When you have better flexibility, you cut down on the risk of an injury.

Pain Relief

Do you experience pain from a persisting injury or chronic illness? A medical massage may help. Some people who have chronic illnesses, like fibromyalgia, have experienced pain relief from their massage. When your massage opens the different pathways of your brain, it sends healing signals to different areas of your body. However, you’ll want to make sure the pressure isn’t too much for you. Too much pressure from the massage may cause additional pain, though it will subside.

Stress Reduction

Finally, a medical massage will give you a reduction in stress levels, even if you don’t have anxiety. A massage will help reduce the cortisol levels in your body. A massage gives you a set amount of time where you can relax and not have to think about anything. The more often you have a massage, the less stress you’ll have over time.

Everyone is different and so are the reasons to choose medical massage. If you have a problem that keeps persisting, a medical massage may help. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we’ve helped many different people with some of their ailments through our medical massages. If you think a medical massage is right for you, contact the office now to schedule your appointment.

Regardless of your age, when you have an injury, you want to resume normal life as soon as possible. Depending on the extent of the injury, that may be possible. When it comes to healing, you’ll want to follow what your regular physician tells you to do. If they allow some alternative therapies, you have many different options. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we offer cupping therapy, which is a way to help alleviate any injuries you may have.

How Does Cupping Work

Cupping works to increase circulation and alleviate pain from a specific area on your body. The most common area where people receive cupping therapy is the back. However, you can also receive cupping therapy on other areas of the body. Anywhere that has a lot of flesh is going to be great for cupping.

To start, we place a cup on the area receiving treatment. The cups then begin to suction your skin up into the cups. This allows for more blood to enter the area, thus increasing your overall circulation. It also helps in draining toxins and extra fluids from your body. Additionally, with more blood entering the area, it stimulates a healing process, leading to healing faster.

What Injury Works Best With Cupping

One of the best things about cupping is that it can help treat many different types of injuries. It has therapeutic and relaxation benefits, so you can use it as a complimentary therapy for a variety of problems. If you’re looking for a more therapeutic usage, cupping is great for chronic and long-term health issues. Similarly, if you’re looking to increase healing after an injury, cupping can also help. As discussed above, it helps to open different healing pathways in a more natural setting. Cupping therapy has helped many people who suffer from back pain, neck pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain. Many times, we can combine cupping with some of the other therapies and massages we offer.

Does Cupping Help With Other Things

For athletes who want to get back to the game, cupping is a great way to do that. Whether it’s used because of an injury or as a preventative measure combined with a pre-sports and post-sports massage, it provides an increase in blood flow.

It also helps for those who suffer from chronic headaches and migraines, breathing disorders, and arthritis and carpal tunnel. When your body has an increase in blood flow, it improves your body’s overall circulation. The improvement in circulation means your body is processing fluids and toxins better and working harder to get them away from their body.

Cupping therapy has a number of benefits for many people who use it. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we have a variety of therapeutic methods to help you feel better over time. Whether you want use cupping on a regular basis or because of a specific ailment, Aruna can help. Contact Therapeutic Medical Massage to schedule your cupping therapy now.