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Are you looking for different ways to reduce stress and anxiety? At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we have different ways to reduce stress and anxiety, including sound healing therapy. What is sound healing therapy? Sound healing therapy uses different types of tools to start a relaxation process. Interested in having a sound healing therapy session? Aruna at Therapeutic Medical Massage is here to help. 

What is Sound Healing Therapy? 

Sound healing therapy uses different sound healing tools to re-set the chakras of your body to help you feel better overall. Some of the different tools used during a sound healing session include tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, and simulated calming sounds, like ocean waves. During your sound healing session, you’ll start to relax as the vibrations and sounds from the session work within your body. If you’re looking for new ways to relax, sound healing therapy can help you in many ways. 

How Does Sound Healing Therapy Benefit Me? 

If you’re ever feeling over-stressed or having different anxious feelings in your life, sound healing therapy can help you feel better. But if you’re feeling certain types of pain, sound healing therapy can also help you with pain reduction. We’ll use different types of tuning forks depending on your reason for wanting to do a sound healing therapy session. We can do an individual session or a group session with you and a few friends. 

What Tools are Used in Sound Healing Sessions? 

As mentioned above, we’ll use different types of instruments to maximize your relaxation to help you feel better. We’ll use tuning forks that we will strike against a surface. As the vibrations reverberate through the room, they’ll help you relax and feel less stressed. Additionally, we may strike the tuning forks against Tibetan singing bowls for additional vibrations to help you feel better. Whether you have a group sound healing session with friends or an individual session, you’ll feel better at the end of the session and have tools to continue to feel better in the future. 

How Often Should I Have Sound Healing Sessions? 

There’s no set number of sound healing sessions you can have. But if you’re feeling particularly stressed or anxious for a long period of time, you may benefit from a sound healing therapy session. We sometimes offer sample sessions of sound healing therapy, so if you’re interested in it, keep an eye out for any sample sessions that may happen in the future. 

Sound healing therapy has helped people for years to re-set their mind and feel less stressed and anxious. With the tools used during sound healing therapy, you’ll feel better following your session and in the time after. If you’re interested in sound healing therapy and how it can help you in the future, Aruna and Therapeutic Medical Massage is here to help. Contact us today to get started with sound healing therapy. Looking for some of our other services? We offer a variety of massage types, including a relaxation massage or a medical massage to help reduce pain. 

Are you looking for a great gift to give someone this holiday season? Give the gift of massage with Therapeutic Medical Massage gift cards! With gift cards for Therapeutic Medical Massage, everyone on your list will get to experience a massage just for them. With the different types of massage offered at Therapeutic Medical Massage, everyone will be able to find a massage that meets their specific needs. Aruna offers a number of different massage types all designed to help people relax or experience some kind of pain relief. Learn about the different massage types offered from Therapeutic Medical Massage and purchase your gift cards today.

Medical Massage

If you’re experiencing pain, a massage can help you feel better. For instance, cupping therapy can help relieve any pain associated with common chronic conditions, like sciatica or fibromyalgia. Additionally, a medical massage is more targeted to your specific area that has pain, so it’s important to make sure you tell Aruna what areas are causing pain. The ultimate goal of a medical massage is to provide pain relief, so if you’re experiencing pain, a medical massage is here to help you feel better.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Many people have surgery at the end of the year to make sure insurance can cover the procedure. To help recover from surgery, your doctor may recommend a lymphatic drainage massage. This specialized type of massage uses specialized touches to stimulate your lymphatic system and help remove waste from your body following surgery when your lymphatic system may be sluggish.

Relaxation Massage

In addition to medical massage, Aruna also offers relaxation massages. These massages are designed to help you relax and feel less stress and anxiety. When you have less stress and anxiety in your life, it can help you lead a healthier lifestyle because you feel more relaxed. During a relaxation massage, Aruna may use essential oils, aromatherapy, or bamboo for a bamboo fusion to increase your relaxation and help you feel better overall. These different techniques aid in increasing your relaxation and decreasing stress hormones in your body.

Sound Healing Therapy

While not a massage type, sound healing therapy is another service that Aruna has. Sound healing therapy works to reset the chakras in your body to reduce any feelings of stress or anxiety you may be having. During a sound healing therapy session, you’ll get to experience a variety of sounds that are all designed to help you feel better. The sounds and frequencies work to heal you and make you feel less stressed out.

With the different types of massage offered from Therapeutic Medical Massage, you or the people closest to you can relax or experience pain relief during a massage session with Aruna. With gift cards available for purchase, you can give the gift of massage to end the year or start the next year. Over the years, Aruna has become one of the top medical massage therapists in the Cincinnati area. See what sets Aruna apart from other massage therapists. Book your appointment and purchase massage gift cards today.

What is lymphatic drainage massage used for? Lymphatic drainage massage moves lymph fluids throughout the body. Lymphatic fluid is extra fluid that leaks from the body’s cells and tissues. It largely contains white blood cells, water, protein and salts. The lymphatic system works as an internal plumbing system. Similar to a water filter, the lymphatic system filters blood, fluid and disposes of waste. As you can probably imagine, if this toxic cellular waste builds up in your body, many problems ensue. It is extremely easy for the body to get congested and as a result, wastes and fluids get built up quickly. Lymphatic drainage massage is a relaxing and simple way to ensure that this does not occur in the future and remedies previous buildup.

Performing the Massage

Aruna performs this massage type with very light pressure. She'll use her hands to carefully stretch and twist parts of the skin to move fluids collected under the skin. To start, she works from the top of the shoulders and travels down to the affected area. Additionally, the gentle touch and pressure helps ease pain.

The body undergoes a lot of tension from day to day activities and procedures. Lymphatic drainage massage lessens the pain. The applied pressure pushes the lymph fluid, which is usually toxic, to move around the body. This also stimulates the other cells around the fluid to move. Since the fluid begins to move, it awakens the immune system in the body which preps the body to protect itself. As the fluid properly drains, the previously covered cells now have room to grow and flourish. 

What Lymphatic Drainage Massage Helps With

Lymphatic draining massage is very helpful for post-surgery recovery. It serves as a kickstart to the recovery process in general and allows the patient to experience relief. After a surgery, the body undergoes a few common issues. The tissue around the area affected usually swells up (edema) and it bruises which can be very painful. Moving the lymph fluid via massage takes away the swelling and reduces the chances of bruising. In addition, by draining the harmful fluid, the body decreases its own scar formation as it reduces tightness in the skin. The added circulation due to the massage also brings oxygen to the cells. This allows the cells to grow healthily and regenerate tissue.

With the gentle massage, circulation in the body also increases and allows healthy nutrients to reach every part of the body. Lymphatic draining massage promotes tissue regeneration in the parts of the body affected by the surgery. Lymphatic draining massage usually begins a week after the surgery and can continue from anywhere between one to six weeks after surgery. It helps keep patients looking and feeling their absolute best after a hard procedure! 

Wondering what is lymphatic drainage massage used for? At Therapeutic Medical Massage, Aruna has mastered the technique of lymphatic draining massage. Her goal is to reduce your pain, swelling and scar damage. You’ll be happy on the outside and your body will be happy on the inside! Contact Aruna at Therapeutic Medical Massage today.