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Taking care of all parts of your health is on the rise. Your mental health and self-care is no different. Nowadays, you have many different ways to take care of yourself. One way to give you some “me time” is through booking a massage. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we have massages for specific injuries and problems. However, we also have massages designed for optimal relaxation. In fact, massages and your mental health go hand in hand.

Calms the Mind

Do you find that your mind works a million miles a minute? It’s something many people experience. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help your mental health to have your mind feel like it’s constantly working. However, massage helps calm your mind. During your relaxation massage, you’ll get a chance to relax your mind and let it stay empty. After your massage, you’ll find your mind is clearer and you’ll feel more alert. Also, you’ll have improved concentration, allowing for better focus and decreasing the feeling of your mind constantly working.

Improves Sleep

Do you find you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep? When that cycle repeats itself, it physically and mentally wears you out. Overall, massages help to reduce stress. When you’re stressed, it impacts different areas of your life. A relaxation massage helps improve the quality of your sleep. During a massage, your body naturally works to increase your blood circulation. Additionally, it lowers your heart rate. Both work together to help you relax, ultimately resulting in a better night’s sleep.

Relieves Tension

Do you find that certain areas of your body always seem tense? It may be because of the way you sit during the day. People sit hunched over their computers, leading to a tense feeling in their upper back and shoulders. But, with a chair massage or a relaxation massage, the tension feeling goes away with a massage. If you feel tense in a certain area, let Aruna know during your pre-appointment discussion. She’ll spend extra time focusing on those areas to ease the tense feelings.

Reduces Anxiety and Depression Symptoms

Do you have anxiety, depression, or seasonal affective disorder? All of those may make you feel down on yourself. However, a relaxation massage in conjunction with anything coming from a doctor may help ease those symptoms. Remember, nothing will outright treat your symptoms. But with following doctor advice combined with a relaxation massage, you may not feel as many highs or lows from those disorders. Additionally, choosing to incorporate different essential oils may also help with your symptoms.

We want you to feel relaxed in your every day life. Through massage, we work to achieve that. Massages have a way to help you forget everything for a little bit of time. With massages and your mental health, you’re taking steps to increase your self-care. If you need a relaxation massage, turn to Aruna at Therapeutic Medical Massage. Through her years of training, she’ll listen to your problems and help ease your tension during your massage. Contact the office to schedule your massage now.

Hearing you’ve been diagnosed with cancer is one of the scariest things a person may hear. While the course of treatment varies depending on the type of cancer diagnosis, you know that you’re in for the fight of your life. When you have cancer, we advise against certain types of massage. However, Aruna specializes in a special type of massage for cancer patients. Through an oncology massage, Aruna can help cancer patients feel relaxed and help with their healing as if they were having a regular massage.

Massage Techniques

Whereas a typical massage is all about deep strokes and brushes, oncology massages more so focus on slow and gentle touches. Ultimately, it should be a relaxing moment just like any other kind of massage. However, maybe even more so for cancer patients, they need the stress reliever and gentle touches more. Overall, the massage should provide some kind of relief to a patient, as it’s a time to take the mind off the treatments. Also, it gives the patient a chance to reconnect themselves, a chance they may not have had without their massage.

Benefits of Oncology Massage

Oncology massage has many benefits you should take advantage of. First, you’ll experience less stress and anxiety surrounding your treatment. This is similar to people who receive a relaxing massage feeling relaxed after their massage.

Many people report aches and headaches related to their treatment regiments. If done properly, an oncology massage will reduce those symptoms and, again, leave you with a relaxed feeling.

Overall, if you’re looking for a complementary treatment to your doctor’s orders, you’ll feel better in many different facets.

Do I Need to Worry About Tumors?

Under no circumstance should your massage therapist massage directly at a tumor. Any massage therapist with the proper credentials to perform an oncology massage knows this. Instead, they should massage areas not directly surrounding a tumor. The American Cancer Society lists massage as an acceptable complementary therapy to doctor-ordered cancer treatments. Additionally, The Society for Oncology Massage has approved massage. As long as you choose a licensed oncology massage therapist, you’ll be in good hands.

Do I Need Permission to Receive an Oncology Massage?

Many doctors want to give you permission in order to receive an oncology massage. However, your doctor may give you the approval for any kind of massage, not necessarily a specific kind. In order to choose the right massage therapist for an oncology massage, you’ll need to find out whether they’re certified in oncology massage. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, Aruna has built a reputation around the Cincinnati area for her oncology massage. In fact, she volunteered to give massages and a listening ear to those battling cancer at Bethesda North.

To counteract the pains associated with different cancer treatments, turn to Aruna at Therapeutic Medical Massage. As a therapist certified to provide oncology massage to cancer patients, Aruna will work to provide physical and comfort during your cancer treatments. If you would like some relief from your cancer treatments, contact Aruna to set up your oncology massage appointment now.

Depending on their sport, many athletes may use their time off from their sport as a way to recover from any injuries. Coupled with physical therapy, sports massage and rehab may help athletes return from an injury faster in the future. As some sports seasons start to wind down, now is the perfect time for your athlete to learn some basic techniques to help limit injuries in the future.

Pre-Sports Massage

The very first thing your athlete must do to prevent an injury is have a warmup. Typically, their coach leads them in a warmup, but there may be times where they warmup on their own. Regardless of who leads the warmup, it’s important one happens.

With a pre-sports massage, we work with your athlete before an event to give them a quick massage. This type of massage helps to ensure the muscles are ready to perform. We do this through short, invigorating strokes. These strokes engage the muscles before activity starts. During a pre-sports massage, we also prepare your athlete psychologically as well. Typically, we perform a pre-sports massage before their warmup. That way, their muscles are extra engaged and ready for the sporting event ahead.

Post-Sports Massage

A cool down period after a sporting event is just as important as a warmup before an event. That’s where a post-sports massage helps. However, many athletes don’t take advantage of a cool down period that still involves movement. For some, their cool down period is listening to critiques from their coach.

Unlike a pre-sports massage that uses short, invigorating strokes, a post-sports massage uses longer, slower strokes. Your child’s muscles require different ways to relax and repair themselves after using them. A post-sports massage is the perfect way to do that. They’ll recover from any soreness after an event faster than if they skip a post-sports massage.

Overall, we take the time to get to know your athlete. Before each pre-sports massage and post-sports massage, we’ll listen to them and see what their trouble areas are and work on them.


An additional service we offer for athletes is kinesiology tape. Aruna is functional movement techniques certified by Rock Tape. Rock Tape is the brand Aruna uses. K-tape is great to help in the rehab process. Overall, k-tape helps in reducing pain and speeding up recovery. Your athlete can keep the k-tape on their bodies for up to seven days. Additionally, if they experience an injury or soreness in the same place repeatedly, k-tape helps avoid a repeat injury. We apply k-tape after a customized massage to ensure the stretched muscle remain stretched during the event.

Sometimes, you can’t avoid a sports injury. With sports and rehab massages, you cut down on the likelihood of an injury when combined with regular practices. If you’re worried about an injury in your child, turn to Therapeutic Medical Massage. Aruna has years of experience in helping athletes in a variety of sports. If you’re ready for her help, give the office a call now to get started.