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Bio magnetic cupping

Suction cup therapy has been in tradition in various part of the world with different names.

With the influence of Traditional Chinese Medicine , Ayurveda and other healing methods - Cupping has reemerged into the Western healing community . Though Subtle, it is a very effective healing therapy.

Cupping therapy has been used to relieve Pain, improve Range of motion of muscles around the joints, Used in improving the effectiveness of Reflexology, Used to drain excess fluids built up in lymphatic system, increase energy , stimulate blood flow and minimize fascial restriction, facial rejuvenation , removing wrinkles and cellulite build up.

Cupping Therapy has been popular among the athletes to improve their performance and recover faster by flushing away the lactic acid that builds up after any workout session. Cupping therapy helps to keep the fascia lubricated, stimulate blood flow, so muscles move freely for the athletes to perform efficiently in their chosen sport. Cupping helps minimizing the fascial restriction for the muscles to move through its entire Range of Motion. The Olympic medal winner, Michael Phelps utilized this therapy in 2016 Olympics.

How does Cupping therapy work?

By suctioning , an internal vacuum is created which delivers Negative pressure . This negative pressure is being used to release rigid soft tissue, drain excess fluid and stimulate the lymphatic system(immune system) ,loosen the adhesions, brings oxygen and  blood flow to the stagnant skin and muscles.  Non Oxygenated blood and cellular debris and accumulated wastes in the body are brought to the surface where cupping therapy is applied. Myofascial work that is done through cupping helps relax even the stubborn muscles. This negative pressure(pulling action) created with cups engages the Parasympathetic nervous system which in turn helps the individuals to deeply relax their entire body. Those individuals receiving the cupping therapy feel the benefit of relaxation weeks after the treatment. It is not unusual to fall asleep when receiving a cupping therapy.

Different kinds of Cups

Cupping therapy can be done with Plastic cups, Silicone cups, Glass cups, plastic cups with magnets.

  • Fire Cupping
  • Biomagnetic cupping
  • Facial Rejuvenation cupping massage
  • Reflexology combined with cupping

Who will benefit from Cupping therapy massage?

Fire Cupping :  Beneficial to individuals suffering from Chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, Sciatica, Headaches, Neck and shoulder pain or muscle spasms to alleviate the discomfort .

silicone cupping therapyBio magnetic cupping, involves cups with magnets. It is beneficial to individuals suffering from chronic pain, swelling or stiffness in joints, Plantar Fasciitis, Frozen shoulder condition, Low back pain, Pain due to incorrect posture.

Facial Rejuvenation Cupping /Facial muscle sculpting massage therapy utilizes glass cups to gently remove the wrinkles and decompress the skin to allow the body to build collagen . This Facial Rejuvenation is very relaxing and effective.  It is less invasive than injecting Botox , if you ask me.

Cellulite Reduction with Cupping therapy: If you have uninvited cellulite that you want to get rid of, cupping therapy combined with Essential Oils can help you achieve that.

Reflexology combined with Cupping Therapy is beneficial to individuals with Plantar Fascitis, to improve Range of Motion of ankle joints which inturn improves their gait.

If you or someone you know might benefit from Cupping therapy, Please refer that individual to call 513-256-2697 to set up an appointment.