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Are you experiencing pain? Whether your pain is coming from a chronic condition or from a short-term injury, you may be looking for a way to manage the pain in a holistic way. That’s where cupping therapy for pain relief comes into play. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we offer cupping therapy, which helps ease pain for both acute and chronic conditions. It can also be used for relaxation as well but is more commonly known for helping with pain relief. If you’re looking for effective, natural pain relief, cupping therapy can help.

What is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping therapy uses special types of cups to suction your skin up into the cups. This helps to create negative pressure, which releases rigid soft tissue, helping you feel better. It helps to increase the oxygen in your body and increase blood flow, which also works at helping you feel better.

We offer two main types of cupping therapy: wet cupping and dry cupping. When we do a wet cupping therapy session, we may make a small puncture to release a small amount of blood during the cupping session, whereas the dry cupping is the traditional cupping session.

How Does It Relieve Pain?

As mentioned above, during a cupping therapy session, your skin is suctioned into the cup and starts a negative pressure process. During the negative pressure process, it helps to relax any sore muscles, loosen your muscles, and improve range of motion over time. It also helps to increase blood flow and circulation. As blood flow and circulation improve, it helps to move any excess waste you may have in your body out of it. Depending on the cause of your pain, it can help reduce pain. Additionally, because cupping therapy helps to improve range of motion, it can reduce the chance of a recurring injury.

Does It Hurt?

Typically, cupping therapy should not cause any pain. However, you may feel sore following your session as a result, but you shouldn’t experience pain as a result of your cupping therapy session. The most obvious side effect you may notice following a cupping session are marks from the cups and the suctioning of your skin. They may be noticeable at first, but typically fade within a few days.

Does It Do More Than Relieve Pain?

Cupping therapy does a lot more than relieve pain. Cupping can help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. If you have cupping therapy done on your face, it can help with facial rejuvenation. It can also help you relax, as the negative pressure process helps kickstart the parasympathetic nervous system in your body.

Looking to experience pain relief? At Therapeutic Medical Massage, our cupping therapy provides pain relief in a natural, holistic setting. If you’re looking for pain relief through holistic means, medical massage and cupping are great options. Our different medical massage offerings are perfect to help with healing. If you’re looking for different types of pain relief, contact Therapeutic Medical Massage today.

Getting a massage is not a one size fits all solution. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we understand that each person who comes into our office has their own reason for getting a massage. Whether you’re looking to relax with the help of a relaxation massage or experience pain relief with a medical massage, there’s a massage type based on your needs. We offer a variety of massage types designed to help you feel your best.

Massage for Relaxation

Have you felt stressed out lately? If you’ve felt stressed and unable to relax, a relaxation massage can help counteract those feelings. During a relaxation massage, your brain has a chance to relax and slow down, which helps promote relaxation and good feelings to other systems in your body. A relaxation massage also decreases the amount of cortisol in your body, which is one of the main hormones produced when you’re stressed.

Massage for Pain Relief

Are you experiencing pain? Whether your pain comes from a chronic condition or an acute problem, a pain relief massage can help lessen the symptoms you experience. The type of massage you’ll receive depends on the symptoms you’re experiencing at that moment. Make sure you let Aruna know how you’re feeling in order to get the best massage to help with pain relief. And if the pressure is too much, let her know as well.

Cupping Therapy

Are you looking for a targeted therapy designed to increase blood flow, which ultimately may help you feel better? Cupping therapy can do that. Cupping uses special cups to suction your skin up inside the cup. Through this, your circulatory system starts to improve. Cupping also helps certain chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, back pain, and can also improve range of motion.

Lymphatic Massage

Have you recently had surgery? Your lymphatic system may need assistance to work properly again, especially if you’ve had lymph nodes removed. The touches help jumpstart your lymphatic system, which helps your immune system remove waste and toxins from your body.

Specialized Massage Types

Aruna also offers two specialized massage types: pregnancy massage and oncology massage. With a pregnancy massage, Aruna gives you a massage that helps you relax while also easing any soreness you may experience during pregnancy. It also gives you a chance to relax, which you may not be getting otherwise.

For people who have been diagnosed with cancer, it drastically alters daily life. To help reconnect your physical self with your emotional self and inner spirit, Aruna performs an oncology massage. The gentle touches help reduce stress and anxiety and give you comfort.

As you start to look for holistic care, massage may be one of the things you stumble on. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we offer many different massage types designed to help you relax, feel better, and more. Curious about the right massage type based on your needs? Aruna is a licensed massage therapist in the state of Ohio and performs many different types of massages each day. If you’re wondering if a massage is right for you, schedule an appointment with Aruna at Therapeutic Medical Massage.

Are you looking for different ways to promote healing and help improve recovery from an injury or surgery? Turning to massage can help. Lymphatic massage is a specialized massage designed to jumpstart your lymphatic system. A sluggish lymphatic system can cause many problems for your body, especially as you try to heal. If you’re trying to boost your recovery, a lymphatic massage can help. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we offer the lymphatic drainage massage.

How It Differs From Other Massages

Lymphatic massage has a specific job when it comes to your healing. While other massage types we offer may help with relaxation or general pain relief, a lymphatic massage uses specialized massage techniques to stimulate your lymphatic system to promote healing. The more often you have a lymphatic massage, the more you’ll reap the benefits. Even if you aren’t experiencing an injury or recovering from surgery, a lymphatic massage can help in restoring your body’s natural rhythms and processes.

Jumpstarts the Lymphatic System

The main purpose of a lymphatic massage is to jumpstart the lymphatic system in your body. Your lymphatic system helps in removing waste and toxins from your body while also helping your immune system. Following surgery or an injury, your lymphatic system may be a little sluggish. Undergoing regular lymphatic massages helps make sure waste isn’t left in your body and helps to improve your body’s circulation and circulatory system.

Helps With Different Types of Healing

Lymphatic massage is so effective because it helps with different types of healing. Whether you’re recovering from orthopedic surgery, like a knee replacement, plastic surgery, like liposuction or breast implants, or some other kind of injury, lymphatic massage helps improve your healing and get you feeling better. Remember, it’s important to wait until you have approval from your doctor or surgeon before having a lymphatic massage. It’s also important to continue with any physical therapy you may have, as that will also help in healing and, depending on your reason for surgery, help regain mobility.

Reduces Swelling

One of the ways lymphatic massage helps recovery is by reducing the amount of swelling you have. When you have swelling, it’s a sign that something isn’t right with your body. As you have a lymphatic massage, it helps your lymphatic system start to work again and helps remove waste and toxins from your body, which can help reduce swelling.

Reduces Pain

Having a lymphatic massage can also reduce the amount of pain you experience. It is a great way to reduce pain and doesn’t cause any pain like other massage types because of the gentle touches and strokes.

Ready to heal and recover? Turn to Therapeutic Medical Massage. Aruna specializes in lymphatic drainage massage and likes being able to help aid people’s recovery. Whether you’re recovering from a sports injury or from surgery, a lymphatic massage helps recovery. Once you’ve been cleared by your doctor to receive a lymphatic massage, take advantage of it to help increase your recovery. Ready to get started? Schedule an appointment with Aruna today.

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