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How It Works

Cupping massage therapy is an ancient form of massage therapy that utilizes suction cups to relieve pain and tension in the areas of concern. Via suction, an internal vacuum is created that delivers negative pressure. Negative pressure (pulling action of the cup) works to release soft tissue, drain excess fluid, stimulate your lymphatic system, and bring oxygen and blood flow to your stiff muscles. Not only is this great if you suffer from chronic inflammation or pain, but the pulling action also works to deeply relax the entire body. Negative pressure triggers your parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for helping us relax.


Suction cup therapy is extremely safe and oftentimes resolves chronic pain and stiffness quicker than massage therapy alone. It is so effective that it can be used in place of a deep tissue massage. This form of therapy works to decompress soft tissues using suction while regular massage therapy compresses the tissue. Cupping therapy is a unique way to relieve pain, drain excess fluid, increase energy, improve reflexology, and so much more. It can even be used to stimulate blood flow, minimize fascial restriction, facial rejuvenation, removing wrinkles and cellulite build up. No matter what your area of concern is, cupping massage therapy really is a one-stop shop for your whole body. Contact Aruna at Therapeutic Medical Massage today to schedule your cupping massage therapy appointment! We cannot wait for you to experience the results of cupping.

Do you have lasting scars from an operation or injury? Do they cause you to experience chronic soft tissue pain? If left untreated, these scars can bind themselves to the surrounding joints. This can cause increasingly negative effects on the body such as inhibiting blood flow and obstruction to internal organs. These effects are not instant and can show up years after surgery. If this sounds like you, MPS (microcurrent point stimulation) scar tissue release therapy may be the solution for your suffering. MPS scar tissue release therapy is a method used to release or relax scars which significantly reduces the restrictions of scar tissue. MPS works to restore the flow of fluids, increase range of motion, accelerate cellular healing, and relieve chronic and acute pain. While MPS helps to alleviate your pain and scarring, this therapeutic medical massage also benefits the whole body.

Benefits of MPS

Besides aesthetically getting rid of your scar, MPS has amazing benefits to the body as a whole. Scar tissue is thicker and abnormal when compared to our healthy tissue. Scar tissue negatively impacts and stresses our autonomic nervous system (ANS), the system responsible for regulating our organs. This is serious because it restricts the flow of energy through nerve fibers which causes chain reactions throughout the whole body. It is best to consider MPS therapy to regulate your ANS. Regulating the ANS will allow your body to function in the way it was meant to- stress free.

Is MPS Right for Me?

If you suffer from chronic soft tissue pain or a painful scar, MPS is right for you! Releasing scar tissue that directly impacts the area of pain is oftentimes the most important factor in treating chronic pain. Contact Aruna today to schedule your MPS therapy appointment!

Massages are a great way to show a loved one how much they mean to you. Whether it be a massage for relaxation, therapy, post-surgery, or a massage just to escape your responsibilities, having one can help you in many ways. With the wide variety of massages that we offer at Therapeutic Medical Massage, these are the top massages that can satisfy anyone from a grandmother to a grandson.


If you are looking to gift someone a relaxing time that eases their anxiety, makes them feel comfortable, and allows them to forget about their responsibilities, a Swedish massage is a great gift. The main goal is to relieve the patient of aches or pains, decrease stress, improve flexibility, or reduce headaches. However, these are not the only benefits of this procedure. The therapist uses a variety of cream or lotion along with a combination of gliding, kneading, tapping, joint movements and cross fiber friction. All these elements lead to a peaceful, carefree time that everyone is sure to appreciate.


Although most believe that massages only allow for relaxation and comfortability, they also help people after surgery. Depending on the surgery that you have undergone, there is a wide variety of processes that help speed up recovery or reduce pain. For example, lymphatic drainage massage is a great choice for those who have recently had liposuction, tummy tucks, or plastic surgery. The procedure eliminates swelling, bruising, and can even speed up the recovery process. Medical massages focus on resolving pain that a patient has, and work on a targeted area to be more effective in helping with the healing. Thus, these are great gifts for those who are struggling with pain post-surgery or have a specific pain that is causing them grief.

Sports & Rehab

If you have a loved one that is heavily involved in sports, we provide post and pre massages. This helps before the game by increasing athletic performance through short, quick, invigorating strokes to stimulate the muscles and use positive imagery to ensure the athlete is mentally prepared as well. After a game or practice, the massage can help to flush out metabolic waste and begin the repair-and-restore process quicker. The method for post-activity consists of longer, slower, more sedating strokes. Though the techniques vary from athlete to athlete, sports massages help athletes recover from post-event soreness. If you know someone who has recently had an injury, the therapist completes an assessment and from there can then create a treatment plan to relieve the pain and speed up the healing process.

Massages have a variety of uses and benefits for many people. With the large number of massages that are available, there is something that everybody will enjoy and appreciate. From relaxing massages to decrease anxiety or allow for a peaceful evening, to medical massages that can help get your loved ones on their feat quickly, a massage is the perfect gift. If you have any questions or are looking into what massage would best fit your loved ones, let Aruna at Therapeutic Medical Massage help you today!

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