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Are you looking for ways to improve your self-care? Making an appointment for a massage is one way to practice self-care. Massage, especially medical massage, has many health benefits. If you’re looking for a way to take some time to focus on yourself, a massage can do that. Massage as self-care gives you a chance to focus on what’s happening to you while also providing relief at the same time.

Stress Relief

One of the main reasons people turn to massage is for stress relief. As you start your massage, your blood pressure starts to decrease, which helps in reining in any stressed feelings you may have. Additionally, as your massage progresses, you begin to unwind and let go of anything that’s on your mind, which helps let go of stress in your life.

Anxiety Relief

Similar to stress relief, massage can help relieve anxiety. During a massage, your body naturally releases serotonin. An increase in serotonin helps to combat any anxious feelings you may have. Additionally, different pathways of your body open up during massage, which helps in resetting not only your body but also your energies and different alignments in your body.

Boost Relaxation

Overall, a relaxation massage should induce a relaxation response in you and help you feel calmer than when your massage started. Relaxation massages come in many different forms, like a hot stone massage or a Swedish massage, but they all aim to relax you and have you feel better by the time the massage ends.

Pain Relief

Massage can do more than help with relaxation. It can also help with pain relief. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, some of the more specific massage types we offer specifically help with pain relief from a number of sources. A massage for pain relief is more in-depth compared to a massage for relaxation as it works to target a specific area of your body to alleviate any pain you may feel.

Circulation Improvement

Some massages can help improve circulation in your body. A lymphatic drainage massage is designed to stimulate your lymphatic system and help remove waste and toxins from your body. Other types of massage stimulate blood flow, which also helps in removing waste from your body.

Mood Improvement

If you’ve had a bad mood, having a massage can improve your mood. During a massage, your body produces extra endorphins, which are chemicals naturally found in your body that make you feel good. During your massage, your body responds to the strokes and helps to produce more endorphins. The endorphin production continues after your massage and leaves you in a better mood after.

Massage as self-care can be for relaxation purposes or to help with a specific condition. Whatever your reason for a massage, Therapeutic Medical Massage can help. We offer a variety of massages that are all designed to fit into your self-care routine and provide some kind of relief to symptoms you experience. If you’re in need of a massage, let Aruna at Therapeutic Medical Massage help. Contact the office to schedule your massage today.

Are you feeling stressed? Stress comes from a variety of sources. But, if you’re feeling stressed, it may make you feel bad about other areas of your life. If you’re looking for ways to decrease stress in your life, massage can help. Massage benefits for stress include specific types of massage designed to ease your stressful feelings and help you feel better overall. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we want to help you manage your stress. The massage benefits for stress will help you live a less stressed life.

How Massage Decreases Stress

When you receive a massage, different pathways in your body start to open up. That can help increase your body’s circulation, which helps your body move different things around. With that increase, you may feel less stressed, as there isn’t any type of build up in your body anymore.

Additionally, getting a massage gives you some time where you don’t have to do anything. It gives your body the chance to take a breath and focus on healing. Having some down time and giving your body the rest it needs can help in managing and decreasing the amount of stress in your life. While you may schedule a massage on a regular basis to help with stress management, you can also rub at your shoulders or neck for a few minutes each day to give your body the chance to relax and decrease stress.

What’s The Best Massage to Get

If you’re feeling stressed, you’ll want to turn to a Swedish massage. A Swedish massage uses different types of touches, including kneading, to induce a relaxation response. When you get a Swedish massage, different pathways in your body open up and start a healing process. The healing process when you’re stressed is about getting cortisol levels in your body back under control. A Swedish massage helps cortisol levels decrease while increasing your body’s levels of serotonin, which gives you good feelings and helps you feel less stressed. The more often you have a massage, the less you’ll feel over time. A Swedish massage also helps with working out any aches and pain you may have, which may also decrease your stress levels.

Are There Other Ways to Decrease Stress

If you want to increase your relaxation during a massage, you can choose to incorporate aromatherapy or essential oils. Different types of essential oils promote different things within your body, so you’ll want to have one that promotes stress relief. For instance, lavender is well-known at relaxing the body and decreasing stress levels.

Stress can be a thing of the past with massage. Whether you choose a Swedish massage or choose to enhance your massage with aromatherapy to increase your relaxation, we are here to help. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we offer a variety of massages and services designed to help you feel better overall. We can help you relax with a massage or aid in treating a specific ailment with a targeted massage. Need a massage in your life? Schedule your appointment today!

Are you looking for alternative ways to heal? At Therapeutic Medical Massage, we offer a number of different ways to heal. One of the most common therapies is a cupping massage. Cupping massage uses heated cups to help with healing and opens the pathways in your body. If you’ve ever wondered about what cupping massage is and if it works for you, now is your chance to learn about it.

What Is Cupping Massage

Cupping massage is a specific type of massage that aims to promote healing. Aruna will place cups on specific places on your body and suction them to your skin. The placement of the cups depends on the reason you turned to cupping massage for healing. As the cups suction your skin deeper into the cups, it creates negative pressure, which helps resolve the problem you have. Cupping opens the pathways of the body and helps increase circulation in your body.

Aruna uses two types of cupping massage: dry and wet. Dry cupping means the cups are applied to your skin and suctioned. Wet cupping means small punctures will be made on your skin, which lets small amounts of blood out before the cups are placed. This helps toxins leave the body.

What Can It Treat

Cupping massage can help treat a wide variety of ailments. Many athletes turn to cupping massage to reduce the amount of lactic acid in their bodies after an intense workout or sporting event. But people who don’t compete can also benefit from cupping massage. People who suffer from back, neck, shoulder, or knee pain have also experienced relief from cupping massage. It’s also helped people with asthma and arthritis. If you’re looking for ways to help experience relief from recurring pain or health problems, cupping massage can help.

Can Cupping Massage Combine With Other Treatments

If you choose to have a wet cupping session, the punctures in your skin are done in a process that’s similar to acupuncture. Additionally, if you’re looking for an actual massage during your cupping session, Aruna may move some of the cups around on your body while they’re still suctioned to your skin.

What Are Some Of The Side Effects Of Cupping Massage

Cupping massage is a relatively safe therapy. The main side effect of cupping massage is bruising following treatments. The bruises typically fade after a few days. You may also experience a small pinch when the cups are placed and start working, but the pain typically isn’t anything worse. The majority of time, cupping massage doesn’t cause any serious health problems.

Cupping massage can be used to aid your healing of a variety of ailments. If you’re looking for different types of healing therapies, a cupping massage may be beneficial for you. At Therapeutic Medical Massage, Aruna uses different types of massage and techniques, like cupping massage, designed to help you heal and feel better overall. If you’re curious about what cupping massage is and how it can help you in your healing, contact the office today.

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